We invite everyone to join SQIP and become active! As of right now, the following membership options are available. Please read closely as the different options allow for various participation in governance votes.

  • Join SQIP by joining Division 5. A membership in APA is not required to join the division and you can join at any level of membership (student, affiliate, fellow, full member, etc.). You can join easily online and within two weeks of joining you will receive a follow-up email from Division Services allowing you to select SQIP as your primary, secondary, or tertiary section within the Division. Additionally, your first year of Division 5 membership is free! You can join for a reduced cost by opting not to receive the journal (cross that line out on your renewal form and/or email for further instructions). Membership at this level allows for voting on Section issues and includes a journal credit. Click here to join the division. (Note: this uses an APA portal which requires you to register but is not the same thing as joining APA).
  • Join SQIP by joining Division 5 and APA. By joining both the Division and APA you will have full voting rights (Fellows and Members, not Students) in Divisional matters that include section governance. We strongly encourage members who are financially able to join at this level to please consider doing so. Membership at this level allows for voting on important issues such as programming, naming, section/division bylaws and division governance that will be important in shaping our future with APA. Click here to join the SQIP, Division 5, and APA. After filling out your information and submitting payment, you will receive a follow-up email within two weeks allowing you to declare SQIP as your primary section. Please email if you do not receive this email.