Undergraduate Teaching and Curricula

teaching-wordle NIU.eduThe primary goal of the SQIP task force on undergraduate teaching and curricula is to develop and identify resources for teaching qualitative inquiry at the undergraduate level. These resources include syllabi from a variety of course offerings in qualitative inquiry, (e.g., courses in which qualitative inquiry is integrated into existing psychology courses, stand-alone general introductory courses to qualitative inquiry, introductory and advanced courses on particular methodologies, and graduate-level courses for students with no previous exposure to qualitative inquiry). Coupled with course syllabi are reflective commentaries from the developers of the courses, along with samples of assignments and projects.

The work of this task force represents SQIP’s commitment to high quality education, research, and training in qualitative inquiry in Psychology for students. The task force strives to create a foundation for SQIP to be an authoritative resource for teachers, research mentors, and students seeking a complement to the American Psychological Association’s  Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major. See the guidelines, as well as additional APA education and curricula reports.

  We are encouraging  additional contributions from members of SQIP. If you are interested in contributing course materials and a reflective commentary, please contact Cynthia Winston-Proctor cewinston@howard.edu or Linda McMullen linda.mcmullen@usask.ca for details on the process for submission and review.